Complementary Medicine is the term used for medical products and practices that are not part of your pet’s standard care. These standard precautions are only those practiced by veterinarians. Complementary medicine indicates the use of alternative treatments along with standards.

Recently published research papers demonstrate the effectiveness of these treatments, emphasizing the benefits that your pet may have in using complementary medicine such as: – Relieve the side effects of standard care, such as pain, anxiety, depression, among others. – Promote mind-body healing to facilitate recovery. – Reduce stress. Acupuncture, music therapy, Bach Flowers, reiki, acupressure, are just a few examples of these treatments.

Our commitment is to be able to offer your pet a wide range of these treatments, so that they can lead a full life. We recommend talking to your veterinarian before starting any complementary medicine treatment. These treatments are a complement to the veterinary work that your pet receives and that will help you to get ahead. PetChalet will be happy to work with your veterinarian if they wish.

Bach flower remedies are a collection of 38 remedies of plants and flowers discovered in 1930 by Dr. Edward Bach. Each floral remedy works with a specific negative emotion in our pets. They work to treat emotional or behavioral imbalances, thus helping to maintain the physical and emotional well-being of our pet.

In the consultations we will discuss the main concerns of the client towards his pet; At the end of the consultation we will select the most appropriate floral remedies for the emotional state and behavior that the client wants his pet to improve. Bach flowers work with emotions such as fear, trauma, anxiety, terror, among many others.

We work with any type of pets; Dogs, cats, horses, rodents, among others.