Many times we wonder why our pet has not done well after an operation if it has been done to heal, or we ask our veterinarians what has happened; What happens is that our pets like us need some care after their body has gone through some physical trauma. Many times they only need rest, which implies that they do not run, jump, climb the stairs, among others; And many other times need rehabilitation exercises or therapies to improve.

Many pets are born with diseases in the bones or muscles or with age are emerging these diseases. Rehabilitation therapies will play an important part in the lives of our pets so that they do not deteriorate more their illness, helping them to lead a better quality of life.
We recommend talking to your veterinarian before beginning any rehabilitation therapy. These therapies are a complement to the veterinary work that your pet receives and that will help you to get ahead. PetChalet will be happy to work with your veterinarian if they wish.

There will be a specific program for the need of each pet in which all or some therapies will be integrated depending on what your pet needs.
Remember … even if our pets do not talk, they do feel.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a treatment that has been used in physiotherapy clinics for over 50 years. It provides warmth to injured body parts that are deep inside your body that are not capable of being heated only by a hot compress. Ultrasound is also believed to enhance cellular function by making microscopic gas bubbles near its lesion by expanding and contracting rapidly. It is believed that this expansion and contraction accelerates the healing process in the injured body part.

Ultrasound can produce many effects other than just the potential warming effect. It has been shown to cause increased tissue relaxation, local blood flow and scar tissue decomposition. The effect of increased local blood flow can be used to help reduce chronic inflammation and local inflammation and, according to some studies, promote healing of bone fractures.

When starting an ultrasound treatment it is always recommended to do 5 days of sessions followed and then 2 days of rest, depending on the progress that is seen in the patient is if you continue with the same number of sessions or decreases the amount.


The canine massages are a manipulation of the muscles and skin that promote the increase of the circulation to all the organs and tissues in the body of our mascot.

Some of the benefits that your pet can have with massages are:

– Increased blood circulation

– Increased lymphatic movement

– Muscle health

– Notice structural inbalances

– Emotional health

Massages help pets with diseases such as arthritis, stiffness, heart problems, liver or kidney, skin problems, or suffering from chronic or degenerative disorders, among others. Massages will help maintain their tonicity, mobility and flexibility, help in their healing speed, intensify their respiratory function, relieve pain and discomfort, decrease muscle atrophy, keep joints lubricated and flexible and aid in adjustments Emotional.



Stretching improves your dog’s agility and performance while at the same time helping to prevent injury.

Dogs that participate in competitions, competitions or that have high performance workouts should be treated as dog athletes, strength and flexibility are vital. Stretching prepares your body for movement, and improves your performance in agility tests, helping to prevent common injuries.

Equal stretches are very important in geriatric dogs or with obesity problems. Since by age or overweight they usually spend more time lying down, causing rigidity over time. Stretching will help make them more flexible and facilitate movement, without causing discomfort.

* Depending on your pet’s physical therapy program, stretching exercises can be included in the massage.

Whether you are asking your dog to get off the couch, to walk, to compete in an agility event or to run for the ball, your dog will always need the strength to perform the activities with the lowest risk of injury .

Many dogs lack strength in the nucleus of the muscle group: the lower back and abdomen. In high-performance dogs, problems are seen in the lower and middle back and in the iliopsoas (anterior muscles of the hip). In low-performing dogs, the first place where weakness is seen when the dog ages is in the lower back and the back.

Working with FisioRoll is a safe and excellent way to develop those muscles, which will help in reducing and preventing problems. But greater muscle strength is only one part of the benefits that are achieved with regular exercises on the FisioRoll. This will improve your dog’s balance and give you more body awareness, increase your range of motion and flexibility, improve your reflexes and leads to increased tone and muscular endurance. * Depending on the physiotherapy program of your pet the FisioRoll can be included in the massage.

Infrared light is one of several innovative therapies used to help dogs who are dealing with chronic or acute pain. This unique treatment harnesses the healing power of specific wavelengths of light. When infrared energy reaches the sites of injury and other painful areas drastically increases circulation, reduces inflammation, promotes healing, calms pain, promotes proper metabolism and regulates physiological diseases. The result is quick relief from discomfort.

Infrared light has been shown to be effective in direct heating of the body. This then allows the deep heat that is responsible for good health to be absorbed by the body. Treatment with infrared light therapy is simple and painless.

* Depending on the physiotherapy program of your pet infrared light can be included in the massage.

Electrotherapy is a physiotherapeutic treatment where electrical stimulation is applied to nerves and muscles through electrodes on the skin. For effective treatment in dogs, the hair has to be shaved or very short.

There are different types of electrotherapy. TENS (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation) is the most well-known form. It is a very effective treatment against pain. The electrodes are applied to the skin in the pain region. Attenuating pulses are sent through the electrodes in the skin and along the nerves. The pulses suppress pain signals that pass to the brain.

Another type of electrotherapy is EMS (Muscle Stimulation) that provides passive exercise, sending electrical pulses to muscles or muscle groups to contract and relax them. This form of electrotherapy is very useful in preventing or curbing muscular atrophy (loss of muscle fibers) by damage to the central or peripheral nervous system.

Hydrotherapy, water therapy, has benefits for certain bodily ailments and helps maintain the good health of puppies. Through the use of water can relieve ailments that puppies suffer such as arthrosis, neurological problems, muscle pain, excess weight, etc. Which may, in the long run, have a negative impact on their health

The benefits of hydrotherapy are many: relief of pain, stiffness, swelling, strengthens muscles, relieves muscle spasms, improves joint range of motion, increases circulation, improves cardio-respiratory residence (improves tolerance To exercise) and, thanks to the flotation phenomenon that occurs, helps to move and reeducate the gait in animals with great difficulty or inability to walk and displace on dry ground (severe osteoarthritis, neurological operations, fractures …)

Most dogs by nature, have the strength and energy to walk distances up to 25 kilometers a day. For this same reason we must understand what happens when a dog can not perform at least 30 minutes of walking a day; Are frustrated and very often show destructive and unwanted behaviors, such as barking, chewing, escaping and digging.

Dogs crave the sights, sounds and stimulating scents that only the exteriors can offer, with the sky above and the earth below. Just grab your dog’s leash and see how excited he is! And once outside you realize how your dog is transformed from a sack of potatoes lying on a sofa, to a dog alert and full of energy. The wide variety of stimuli your dog can find on the outside will help him maintain mental alertness, while exercise will help him maintain his physical strength.

If you do not have the time or energy that your dog needs because of the demands of your career, family or trips, PetChalet offers you this 45 minute ride service, in which we guarantee that your dog will have the satisfaction you need.

– Tarifas de paseos caninos:

Scientific studies have shown that cannis familiaris, better known as our best friend, the dog, is a highly social species, so coexistence with others of the same species is extremely important.

On the other hand, it has been proven that leaving a dog alone for more than 4 hours can cause severe stresses that will lead your pet to develop unwanted behaviors and behaviors.

The long days of work, study, or various activities that we have during the day oblige us to leave our pets alone or to not be able to offer the activities that are recommended during the day.

PetChalet offers this canine day care service in which your pet will not only be able to live with other members of the same species, but also have human company at all times, company that will make your pet feel loved as if you were at home.

In the nursery will be carried out various activities that PetChalet has specially designed so that your pet with the company of others more can develop, learn and develop.

Among their daily activities there will be walks, ball games, search games, brushing, hydration and food, rest and individual games designed specifically for the need of each pet.

Before enrolling your pet in the nursery you will need to have an appointment with you and your pet where you will fill out a form that we will file with a copy of your card. This in order to have all the necessary information about you and your pet. It is important to be completely honest when registering your pet in the nursery and fill out the form, so you can avoid any inconvenience.

If your pet has never socialized, and by this we mean that he has never been in contact with other dogs or humans; Or is aggressive or fearful when it comes to having another dog or human, it will be necessary for your pet to undergo a socialization process before entering the nursery. For more information please access Socialization Process.

Dayli lodging

* Weekly stays (Monday to Friday) per guest receive a 10% discount.

* Monthly stays (Monday to Friday) per guest receive a 20% discount.

* We can work around your schedule

Complementary Medicine is the term used for medical products and practices that are not part of your pet’s standard care. These standard precautions are only those practiced by veterinarians. Complementary medicine indicates the use of alternative treatments along with standards.

Recently published research papers demonstrate the effectiveness of these treatments, emphasizing the benefits that your pet may have in using complementary medicine such as: – Relieve the side effects of standard care, such as pain, anxiety, depression, among others. – Promote mind-body healing to facilitate recovery. – Reduce stress. Acupuncture, music therapy, Bach Flowers, reiki, acupressure, are just a few examples of these treatments.

Our commitment is to be able to offer your pet a wide range of these treatments, so that they can lead a full life. We recommend talking to your veterinarian before starting any complementary medicine treatment. These treatments are a complement to the veterinary work that your pet receives and that will help you to get ahead. PetChalet will be happy to work with your veterinarian if they wish.

Bach flower remedies are a collection of 38 remedies of plants and flowers discovered in 1930 by Dr. Edward Bach. Each floral remedy works with a specific negative emotion in our pets. They work to treat emotional or behavioral imbalances, thus helping to maintain the physical and emotional well-being of our pet.

In the consultations we will discuss the main concerns of the client towards his pet; At the end of the consultation we will select the most appropriate floral remedies for the emotional state and behavior that the client wants his pet to improve. Bach flowers work with emotions such as fear, trauma, anxiety, terror, among many others.

We work with any type of pets; Dogs, cats, horses, rodents, among others.