Pet Grooming

The beautification of dogs is not an activity of the present, it goes back to very ancient times. It is known that cultures such as Egyptian and Chinese were already concerned with canine aesthetics. The dogs of the old courts were attended by professional stylists known as “Demoiselles”, however, the first records of the existence of beauty salons for dogs can be traced back to the 17th century.

Nowadays the arrangement of the dogs varies according to their race, their needs or to the “canine fashion of the moment”.

For PetChalet the comfort of your pet is the most important, for this reason our canine aesthetic service is only through scheduled appointments, in order not to have your pets in confined spaces for long hours.

Our main motivation when caring for your pet’s arrangement will be to seek your physical and emotional well-being, health and hygiene, rather than following a fashion trend.

Your pet will be getting baths with water at the right temperature for your body, haircuts, hairstyles that will not hurt them when you undo knots, cutting and cleaning nails, cleaning ears and cleaning anal glands.

Our staff is highly trained to offer the best canine aesthetic services for your pet. Covering all the needs that you and your pet require and using only the best products on the market.

– Costs

– The baths include: cleaning of ears, cutting of nails, brushing, cleaning of anal glands, bath and drying.

– The medicated bath includes: what a normal bath and medicine against ticks and fleas.

– Aesthetics includes: what a normal bath and haircut.

– Medicated aesthetics include: what a medicated bath and haircut.


Remember that nust canine service is only on appointments, we will not use cages, necklaces of punishment or any type of aggression.