Scientific studies have shown that cannis familiaris, better known as our best friend, the dog, is a highly social species, so coexistence with others of the same species is extremely important.

On the other hand, it has been proven that leaving a dog alone for more than 4 hours can cause severe stresses that will lead your pet to develop unwanted behaviors and behaviors.

The long days of work, study, or various activities that we have during the day oblige us to leave our pets alone or to not be able to offer the activities that are recommended during the day.

PetChalet offers this canine day care service in which your pet will not only be able to live with other members of the same species, but also have human company at all times, company that will make your pet feel loved as if you were at home.

In the nursery will be carried out various activities that PetChalet has specially designed so that your pet with the company of others more can develop, learn and develop.

Among their daily activities there will be walks, ball games, search games, brushing, hydration and food, rest and individual games designed specifically for the need of each pet.

Before enrolling your pet in the nursery you will need to have an appointment with you and your pet where you will fill out a form that we will file with a copy of your card. This in order to have all the necessary information about you and your pet. It is important to be completely honest when registering your pet in the nursery and fill out the form, so you can avoid any inconvenience.

If your pet has never socialized, and by this we mean that he has never been in contact with other dogs or humans; Or is aggressive or fearful when it comes to having another dog or human, it will be necessary for your pet to undergo a socialization process before entering the nursery. For more information please access Socialization Process.

Dayli lodging

* Weekly stays (Monday to Friday) per guest receive a 10% discount.

* Monthly stays (Monday to Friday) per guest receive a 20% discount.

* We can work around your schedule